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Plastic film blowing machine maintenance method

1, Place the sealing machine in a ventilated and dry place, usually at room temperature maintained at around 25 °C.
2, For every two days of operation, 6# oil should be added to each moving part in gears, bearings and gearboxes.
3, Should regularly remove dust, adhere to the machine cleaning. Unplug the power when not in use and conceal it with a cover cloth.
4, If the operation time is too long, the cooling fan should be turned off before shutting down, and then shut down after the temperature is lowered. Because it is not cooled, it will be shut down, and the high temperature belt is very simple to damage.
5, High temperature belt should be regularly removed to ensure the quality of the seal.
6, Wear parts should be replaced in time to extend the use time of the whole machine.

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